Grade 3 science

Question Answer
What are the Four(4) parts of a plant? Flower stem leaf root
What do plants need to live? Air soil water sunlight
How do plants make food? Photosynthesis
What do plants grow from? Seeds
Where do plants grow? Everywhere
What are reptiles bodies covered with? Scales
What do reptiles use to smell? Tongue
Where do fungi live? Damp Areas
What type of medicine does fungus produce? Penicillin
What other things are fungus used to make? Bread and blue cheese
What are birds covered with? Feathers
why do birds have different shaped beeks? Different types of food
Why do birda have different shaped feet? for walking and catcing food
why do birds make so many sounds? Most of the sounds are a warning sign to other birds.
When birds fly away for the winter it is called " " Migration
How many birds Migrate from Europe to Africa every year? 5000 million
how many planets in the solar system? Eight
what planet do we live on? Earth
what is the largest planet in the solar system? Jupiter
how many ebdangered animals are there? over 100
which contienant has the most endangered animals? North America
what is the smallest planet in the solar system? Mercury
what is the hottest planet in the solar system? Venus
which planet has the most moons in the solar system? Jupiter
what is the biggest ocean in the world? Pacific Ocean

I <3 Genetics

Question Answer
The study of heredity. Genetics
Another word for an allele. Trait
Example of a homozygous genotype. Any two of the same letter. – BB/bb
Probability of a flipped coin landing on heads. 50%
Term that refers to a physical description of a trait. Phenotypes- (Ph…Physical)
A molecule made of nitrogen bases, phosphate, and sugar that contain instructions for all the characteristics of that organism. DNA
A characteristic carried by our genes. Trait
A piece of our DNA. Gene
The passing of traits from parents to offspring. Heredity
The visible traits. Phenotype
Triat when present is visible. Dominant
Trait, when present, without dominant gene, is visible. Recessive
Traits from one parent. Allele
Combination of each allele from parents. Genotypes
Same allele for one trait (BB) Homozygous
Different allele for one trait. (Bb) Heterozygous
Likelihood of something happening. Probability
Table that shows all the possibilities of the offspring. Punnett Square
Neither dominant nor recessive. Codominance
Offsprings traits are identical to parent. Purebred
Trait with 2 different alleles (Hh) Hybrid
Traits combine to make new traits. Incomplete dominance
A change in a gene. Mutation
A chart showing family traits (a family tree of genetic traits) Pedigree
Name the disorder where the blood does not clot properly. Hemophilia
Offspring are black with white spots. What is this called? Incomplete dominence
Cancer is caused by a mutation. True or false? True
If Bb is crossed with bb what percent of the offspring will not be black? (Black is dominant.) 50%


Question Answer
what is Static Electricity? Static Electricity is the gathering of Kenetic energy.
what are the ways an object becomes electrically charged? by Induction, Friction, or Contact.
Is a humen body a conductor or an insulator? conductor.
charges that are alike attract or repel eachother? they repel.
if an object is not positive or negative it is… neutral.

NH Law Time Frames

Question Answer
How long does a new PIC have to do a controls inventory when taking over? Within 3 days
How long to report drug theft to the board, who does it, how? Within 72 hours, The PIC, by phone
What form needs to be submitted for drug theft, how long to do this? DEA form 106, withint 15 days
What changes about a pharmacist must be sent in writing to the board, how long do you have? Name, address, employment, have within 15 days
Who needs to be notified when closing a pharmacy and how long to do it? Board and the DEA office in Boston, 15 days prior to closing
How long before a drug is adultered? 30 days after the expiration date
How long of a supply can an ambulatory treatment institute dispense to a patient for immediate need? 72 hour supply
In an emergency what is the max supply of a C2 that can be given out? 48 hour supply
How long is a controlled Rx good for? 6 months
How long is a syringe Rx good for? 1 year
How long is a PRN Rx good for? 1 year
How often and when does a pharmacy permit exprire? Annually on Dec 31st
When and how often does a pharmacist licence expire? every year on Dec 31st
How long should invoices and other incoming logs be kept? 2 years
How long should all Rx records be kept? 4 years

5 ATHENA ch 5 Scott Foresman 2008

vocabulary word definition
ecosystem all the living and nonliving things in an area
population a group of organisms of one species that live in an area at the same time
community the group of all the populations in an area
niche the job that an organism has in an ecosystem
habitat the place in an ecosystem in which an organism lives
energy pyramid a diagram that shows the amounts of energy that flows through each level of a food chain
cycle a repeating process or flow of material through a system

5 ATHENA ch 16 Scott Foresman 2008

terms definitions
light-year the distance light travels in one year
nebula a cloud of gas and dust in which new stars form
supernova a gigantic explosion that occurs near the end of the life of some stars
black hole a point in space that has such a strong force of gravity that nothing within a certain distance of it can escape
galaxy a huge system of stars, dust, and gas held together by gravity
constellation a group of stars that forms a pattern

5 ATHENA ch17 Scott Foresman 2008

Term Definition
solar system the Sun and all the bodies that orbit it
revolution one full orbit of an object around another object
axis an imaginary center line around which the Earth roatates
rotation one whole spin of an object on its axis
space probe a spacecraft that gathers data without a crew
comet a frozen mass of ice and dust orbiting the Sun
asteroid a rocky mass up to several hundred kilometers wide that revoluves around the Sun
satellite an object in orbit around another object
moon phase an indication of the fraction of the Moon that is illuminated as seen from Earth