Louise Trotter, Harpist


Meet Louise Trotter:

The gold standard among harpists . . .


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Combining a love for music with performing, Texas harpist Louise Trotter sets the highest standard. A versatile entertainer, she plays it all. From Jazz to Classical, Broadway, Swing, Latin, Rag, Celtic or Folk. She's also one of the very few harpists who specialize in Country & Western music as a performer, composer, and arranger.


In addition to solo performances, she can play with a duo or ensemble with any combination of flute, violin, string bass, guitar or drums. She uses an acoustic concert sized harp, which can be amplified for large groups. She also owns 3 smaller lever (folk) harps which are ideal for folk and authentic Irish or Celtic music or whenever a smaller instrument is preferred.


Louise has written and arranged dozens of favorite tunes and original compositions for solo harp and ensembles, as well as several instructional volumes.

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For further information or bookings, contact:

Louise Trotter Harpventures

Tel. 281-497-2986

Email: Louiseharp@comcast.net



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