division, entrance, exit and course of nerves

Division Nerve Enters Course Exits
Ophthalamic Frontal Superior Orbital Fissure, superior to centeral ring tendon Divides into Supraorbital and Supratrochlear Branches Supraorbital & Supratrochlear Foramina to supply skin ovr orbit and forehead
Ophthalamic Lacrimal Superior Orbital Fissure superior to centeral ring tendon courses laterally in orbit, provides sensory innervation to lacrimal gland. Postganglionic parasymp. fibers to lacrimal gland via lacricmal nerver n/a
Ophthalamic Nasocilliary Superior Orbital Fissure within central ring tendon Course lateral to medial by crossing superior to optic nerve. Connects to ciliary ganlion via sensory root. Gives off long ciliary nerves to eye, ethmoidal branches to ethmoidal sinuses all sensory n/a
Maxillary Maxillary Pterygopalatine fossa vai Foramen Rotundum. Within fossa it is attached to the Pterygopalatine ganglion and via branches from the ganglion it provides sensory innervation to the nasal cavity and oral cavities. Divides into Zygomatic an Infraorbital Nerves n/a
Maxillary Infraorbital Nerve Exits pterygopalatine fossa via Inferior Orbital Fissure to enter floor of the orbit Within the orbital floot, it enters the Infraorbital Canal Exits skull via Inraorbital Foramen to supply the face between the mouth and the orbit
Maxillary Zygomatic Nerve Exits pterygopalatine fossa via inferior Orbital Fissure to enter floor of the orbit Courses in the lateral wall of the orbit sending a branch (postganglionic parasymp.) to lacrimal nerve exits the orbit as the zygomaticofacial and temporal nerves
Mandibular Mandibular Enters infratemporal fossa via Foramen Ovale Innervates muscles of mastication and gives off 4 sensory branches. Nerve to Mylohyoid branch is motor to Mylohyoid and Anterior Belly of the Digastri Muscle n/s
Mandibular Buccal Nerve Pierces the buccinator muscle to supply sensory innervation to the mucosa of the check n/a n/a
Mandibular Auriculotemporal Splits around middle meningeal artery continues latterally to the parotid gland and skin anterior to the ear. Postganglionic parasymp. fibers from the otic ganglion hitchhike on it to the parotid gland n/a
Mandibular Inferior Alveolar Nerve Enters Mandibular Foramen Supplies the manibular teeth Exits mandible via Mental Foramen to supply skin on the chin
Mandibular Lingual Nerve (blank) Courses anterior into the floor of the mouth where it's sensory to the anterior 2/3 of the tongue. Preganlionic Parasymp. & Taste fibers from the CHORDA TYMPANI NERVE (VII branch) join it in the infratemporal fossa. The submandibular ganglion is attach (blank)