Human Biology, Chapter 5

Question Answer
Frontal Bone forehead
Vomer divides nose
Maxilla upper jaw
Mandible jaw
Teeth hardest parts in the body
Skull protective case for brain and head
Sternum breast bone
Ribs surround heart and lungs
Vertebra a single spinal bone
Sacrum fused triangular bone in hip
Coccyx tail bone
Hip Bone hip girdle
Pubic Symphysis interpubic joint
Clavical collar bone
Scapula shoulder blade
humerus upper arm bone
radius smaller lower arm bone
Ulna larger lower arm bone above little finger
Carpals wrist bones
Metacarpals hand
Phalanges finger/toe bones
Illium Top of hip/pelvic girdle
Coxal Bone lower front of pelvis
Femur longest bone in body
Patella knee
Tibia inside larger leg bone
Fibula outside smaller leg bone
Tarsals ankle
Metatarsals foot bones
Cervicle neck vertebrae (7)
Thoracic Vertebrae chest vertebrae (12)
Lumbar Vertebrae lower back (5)
Intervertebral Disks cartilage in between vertebra
Ischium Bottom of hip/pelvic girdle
Pelvis hip bones
Vertebrae spine
Costal Carilage connects ribs to sternum
Occipital base of skull, in the back
Zygomatic cheekbones
Foramen Magnum big hole at the base of skull
Temporal lower right and left side of skull "think temples"
Nasal Under the bride of the nose
Sphenoid back of eye
Parietal back of skull, upper right and left
Lacrimal tear bones