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Ethics Set of principals
ethical dilemmas due to medical advances Should pt be told if their doctor has AIDS
Civil Laws Legal relationships between people
ethical dilemmas due to medical advances When should life support be discontinued
ethical dilemmas due to medical advances Should people be allowed to sell organs
Criminal Laws Deals with wrongs against society
Tort occur when a pt is injured because a HCW doesn’t provide the expected standard for care
Tort Wrongful acts not involving a contract
Malpractice Failure to use the degree of skill expected resulting in injury
Negligence Failure to give care that is normally expected, resulting in injury
Assault A threat or attempt to injure
Battery Unlawful touching or another person without consent
Invasion of Privacy Unnecessary exposure or revealing information without patient consent
Defamation of character False statements about a person that may damage their reputation, may occur in error
Slander Spoken
Libel Written
False Imprisonment Restraining an individual or restricting their freedom
Abuse (physical, mental, sexual)
Abuse Care that results in physical harm pain or mental anguish
Contract Agreement between two or more parties
Components of contract Offer
Components of contract Acceptance
Components of contract Consideration
Types of contracts Implied
Types of contracts Expressed
Legal Disability Unable to enter a contract legally
Principal Agent
Privileged Communication Comprise of all info given to HCW by a patient
DNR Do Not Resituate
Directives Living wills/_'-'_/Durable power of attorney