definitions for test

Question Answer
Gram Basic unit used to measure mass
Graduated Cylinder Instrument for measuring volume
Temperature Average movement of particles an object has
LIquid State of matter where the particles slip and slide past each other, has no fixed shape, has definate volume
Water Displacement Method Process used to find the volume of an irregular object
Density Amount of matter in a certain volume. Density always stays the same for a substance
Heat Flow of energy from warm to cold
L X W X H Formula for the volume of a regular shaped object
Meniscus Curved surface that liquid froms in a graduated cylinder
States of Matter Solid, liquid, and gas
Water A subsstance commonly found in all three states of matter. Density 1.0 g/ml
Matter Anything with mass and volume
Solid A state of matter in which the particles vibrate and stay in place, has a definate shape and volume
Volume How much space an object takes up
Condensation When a gas loses heat and forms a liquid
Balance An instrument used to measure mass
Kinetic Energy All matter has moving particles, therefore has this
Evaporation Liquid to a gas
Liter Basic metric unit used for volume
Melting Solid to a liquid
Freezing Liquid to a solid
Mass When you measure an object with a balance
Mass divided by volume The formula for density
Gas State of matter where the particles move freely about, it doesn't have a definate shape or volume