I <3 Genetics

Question Answer
The study of heredity. Genetics
Another word for an allele. Trait
Example of a homozygous genotype. Any two of the same letter. – BB/bb
Probability of a flipped coin landing on heads. 50%
Term that refers to a physical description of a trait. Phenotypes- (Ph…Physical)
A molecule made of nitrogen bases, phosphate, and sugar that contain instructions for all the characteristics of that organism. DNA
A characteristic carried by our genes. Trait
A piece of our DNA. Gene
The passing of traits from parents to offspring. Heredity
The visible traits. Phenotype
Triat when present is visible. Dominant
Trait, when present, without dominant gene, is visible. Recessive
Traits from one parent. Allele
Combination of each allele from parents. Genotypes
Same allele for one trait (BB) Homozygous
Different allele for one trait. (Bb) Heterozygous
Likelihood of something happening. Probability
Table that shows all the possibilities of the offspring. Punnett Square
Neither dominant nor recessive. Codominance
Offsprings traits are identical to parent. Purebred
Trait with 2 different alleles (Hh) Hybrid
Traits combine to make new traits. Incomplete dominance
A change in a gene. Mutation
A chart showing family traits (a family tree of genetic traits) Pedigree
Name the disorder where the blood does not clot properly. Hemophilia
Offspring are black with white spots. What is this called? Incomplete dominence
Cancer is caused by a mutation. True or false? True
If Bb is crossed with bb what percent of the offspring will not be black? (Black is dominant.) 50%